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Google Analytics Settings

The Google Analytics Settings variable is used in Universal Analytics tags for web and mobile (Firebase) containers to centrally configure and share common Google Analytics settings across multiple tags. When you create a Universal Analytics tag, Google Tag Manager will prompt you to select or create a Google Analytics Settings variable.

Google Analytics 4

The settings for the Google Analytics 4 (GA4) property will be made in the container tag.

Google Analytics 3


These configurations are valid only for Google Analytics v3 Properties.


Important: If you already have this variable configured, please review the configurations and make the necessary adjustments. If you can't change the settings of existing variable, please create a new one.

Create Google Analytics Settings

To create the Google Analytics setting go to Variables and click on the New button.

Click on the dialog box to choose a variable type and search for Google Analytics Settings type.

On the field Tracking ID insert your Google Analytics tracking ID that you want to associate with this variable. After set up your tracking ID click on More Settings button to configure additional settings.


Check the option Enable Display Advertising Features to enable the inclusion of Demographics and Interest Reports, Remarketing with Google Analytics, and Campaign Manager Integration.


Check the option Enable Enhanced Ecommerce Features and Use data layer to enable the enhanced ecommerce implementation. this option is essential to properly bind the ecommerce data from WHMCS data layer to Google Analytics.

Cross Domain Tracking


If you do not use multiple domains or subdomains skip this configuration.

If you use multiple domains across the user navigation (ex.: your main website is and your WHMCS is in a subdomain like supply a comma-separated list of domains to set up automatic cross-domain link tracking on the field Auto Link Domains.

This configuration is important for GA treat sessions spanned across the different domains as a single session, avoiding duplicate and wrong data report.

Enhanced Link Attribution improves the accuracy of your In-Page Analytics report by automatically differentiating between multiple links to the same URL on a single page by using link element IDs. To enable this option go to Advanced Configuration and from dropdown menu select the option true.

After made all configuration, name your variable to Google Analytics Settings or any other reference that easy reminds you. Click on Save button.