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Installing EunaRede Core Module


This is only required for version 3 or lower. If you're installing or upgrading to version 4 please skip this step.

The modules developed by EunaRede require the installation and activation of the base module called EunaRede Core. The EunaRede Core module enables the management and maintenance of the modules offered to be carried out in a standardized and planned way, following a software life cycle.


ensure that the EunaRede Core module is enabled before activating the acquired module.

Download EunaRede Core Module

We provide the EunaRede Core Module for diferent PHP versions:

Upload to FTP

Download the module in the downloads area in your control panel, unzip and upload to the respective directory modules/addons.

Activating the module

After you submit the directory, go to your WHMCS admin panel and go to Setup > Addon Modules. Activate the EunaRede Core module.

Configuring Access Permissions

Configure the access permissions for the groups you want. You must configure at least the administrator group to be able to access the module.

After activation, you can access the module through the Addons > EunaRede Core menu. By activating a EunaRede module, you can confirm your license through this support module. If there are no active modules, a message will be displayed as in the image below.

!!!! Now you can install and activate any of EunaRede Modules.

From this point, follow the settings specified in each active module.