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Tag Manager & Enhanced eCommerce for WHMCS

Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce for WHMCS

This tutorial will show you how to successfully install Tag Manager & Enhanced eCommerce for WHMCS.

Documentation Summary

About Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce for WHMCS

Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce for WHMCS implement Universal Analytics Enhanced E-commerce features using Google Tag Manager on WHMCS. With this module you now can track all orders in Google Analytics and Goals Conversion. Optimize your Adwords Campaigns with informations about sales orders, revenue, CPA and more!

Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce enables product impression, promotion, and sales data to be sent to Google Analytics. Track Page Views, Events and Actions on all WHMCS pages. Track the order funnel and revenue, abandoned checkout process, generate page value and improve the data analysis of your audience.

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Main Features

The Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce for WHMCS allow you to analyze purchase activity on your WHMCS. Now you can collect product and transaction information, average order value, e-commerce conversion rate, time to purchase, and other informations such as:

  • Track Transactions

  • Track Products adds to Cart

  • Track Products removed from Cart (coming soon)

  • Track Checkout and Purchase Funnel

  • Track Shopping Behavior

  • Track Checkout Behavior

  • Track Product Performance:

    • Product Revenue
    • Unique Product Purchases
    • Avg. Price
    • Product Refund (coming soon)
  • Track Sales Performance:

    • Revenue per Transaction
    • Tax paid per Transaction
    • Refund Amount (coming soon)
  • Track Marketing Promotions:

    • Coupons Usage per Order
    • Coupons Usage per Product (coming soon)
    • Internal Promotion (coming soon)
    • Affiliate Code (coming soon)

    Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce for WHMCS lets you see the overall state of the performance of your WHMCS, and provides the ability to enable three categories of related metrics on:

Shopping Behavior Analysis

The Shopping Behavior Analysis report lets you see the number of sessions that included each stage of your purchase funnel, how many sessions continued from one step to the next, and how many abandoned the funnel at each stage. You can evaluate your users' shopping experience from product impression to transaction.

Shopping  Behavior Analysis

Checkout Behavior Analysis

The Checkout Behavior Analysis report lets you see how successfully your users moved through your checkout process. The checkout-funnel visualization illustrates how many users moved from one step to the next, how many abandoned the process at each step, and how many entered the process at each step.

Checkout    Behavior    Analysis

Product Performance

The Product Performance report lets you see how your products performed from two different points of view.

Product    Performance

Sales Performance

The Sales Performance report lets you evaluate sales dimensions and report metrics per sale.

Sales    Performance

Order Coupon

The Order Coupon report lets you see how your order-level coupons performed.

Order    Coupon

Domains Purchases and TLD's

Whit Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce for WHMCS you can keep your digital strategy improved tracking the domains purchases and renews. Generate analysis on Google Analytics with the most orders TLD's and more!

Events and Behavior

Keep track the user Events on checkout funnel. See all events steps involved on a transaction such as:

  • Product Impressions: Track Products Impression wen a Product Group is visited.
  • Product Details: Track events wen the product have configuration options or additional modules
  • Add to Cart: Trigger an event wen a product is added to shopping cart.
  • Checkout: Track any event on registration and payment process.
  • Purchase: Collect all data of the order and push to Google Analytics.

Events and Behavior

Multi-currency Support

This module supports multi-currency orders. You can track any currency used on your orders.

Multi-currency Support

Best Practices

Our philosophy is keeping the thinks secured, simple and compliant friendly. We follow the best practices and official documentation of Google Tag Manager Development to reach the best quality and assurance on reports and conversions tracked with this module.

All features made available are based on behaviors and analytics available in Google Analytics Documentation.

We use the latest libraries and techniques to ensure stable, fast and reliable code software.

Fully Documented

This module is fully documented and self-explained. You can find detailed information into our online documentation and count with the support team for any trouble! Se the summary on this page for an overview of the module's documentation.

Fully Supported

  • Free Installation and Configuration.
  • Access To Multi-Level Tech Support.
  • Free Module Updates.

Disclaimer and Warrants

We are not responsible or warranted for the accuracy of the data generated in WHMCS and collected by Google Analytics. There may be many external factors beyond our control that may cause the crawler to fail (such as ad-blocks, firewall, or proxies). Support for this module does not cover data analysis, custom reporting or consulting. For custom report generation please contact us.

All requests for features and functionalities will be analyzed by our team. If you need customization please contact us.