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Upgrade to v4

This documentation intended to guide you through the upgrade process to the latest version 4 of Tag Manager & Enhanced eCommerce. Please follow the steps below to perform the migration, this process is important to ensure the correct implementation. If you have difficulties or prefer open a ticket for our team to help you.

1 - Deactivate the current module

If you have any older version of this module you first need to deactivate it. The version 4 has a different folder structure and will require a new fresh installation for upgrade. After successfully install the new version you can remove the older folder whmcs_gtm from your WHMCS addon directory.

2 - Deactivate the module EunaRede Core

The new version 4 no longer needs the EunaRede Core module for license management. Deactivate the module and remove the eunaredecore folder in modules/addons.

3 - Install and activate the new version

As this new version is incompatible with previous versions, you will need to perform a new installation and configuration. Follow the steps in this documentation for installing and activating version 4.

4 - Module Configuration

The new module version 4 requires a new configuration. In addition to the container ID, you need to configure the Tracking ID of your Google Analytics Property. Please follow the module configuration steps for the correct configuration of the module.

5 - Update Tag Container

The latest version implements some changes in how to track the events and add some new variables to the datalayer. To get the new version working correctly will need to make some changes to your tag container, please follow the next steps to update your Google Tag Manager container settings and Google Analytics.